Producing alternative fuels is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that easily conducted with safety. But like many other human endeavours, carelessness or negligence can make transesterification hazardous. The essence of transesterification safety is proper handling and storage of components and mantanace of equipment. As important is strict following of the instructions given by the manufacturers of the transesterification equipment as well as the chemical components.

Before you get started, read the safety rules below and keep them in mind whenever working with your transesterification plant and chemical components. Attention paid to detail and patience ensures safety and quality!

Transesterify only when you can give it your undivided attention. Do not start working, when fatigued or ill. Develop your own working routine to avoid mistakes.
Avoid haste, work at a leisurely place and keep in mind that absolutely no handling of chemicals under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

Always wear proper eye protection. It is unnecessary risk to handle these chemicals without safety glasses.

Store all components out of reach of children and away from heat and open fire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Never smoke within the transesterification area!

Keep no more chemicals than needed available. Never exeed the recommended temperatures.

Do not store more chemicals than legal! Doing so will create a hazardous situation and is an offence.

Keep your mini plant in good order. Clean up spilled chemicals and fats promptly and completely.Remember that the transesterification area is not a temporary store of the other tools, used car spare parts etc.

Use your equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Study the instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to ask, if you don’t understand everything.

If you do not fully understand the International System of Units (SI), do not use our instructions.

Be safe, be conscientious and think metric!

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